What Does It Mean To Dream Of Elegua?

Elegua, a deity and an orisha of roads in the religions of many cultures, from brazil, the Dominican people, and even the Yorubas religion in the west African part of the world, is seen as the owner of roads and all paths. This deity, who is a messenger of the “olofi,” has to be present before the start of any ceremony in the lands of the people that serve them. Seeing a deity in a dream should be a source of concern to whoever dreams of it, so what does it mean to dream of Elegua?

What Does It Mean To Dream of Elegua?

The nature of this deity allows it to be represented as a child sometimes and also an older man. Because of this, he represents the beginning and end of life, the beginning and closing paths of life, or even a trickster in some cases. Seeing Elegua in your dream could represent several things, but we cannot tell what it may mean to you because we have no idea if you are an avid worshipper or what occurred in your dreams, as these will help us get it right.

Regardless of this fact, let’s look at a few meanings related to dreaming about Elegua.

What Does It Mean to Dream Of Elegua?

Open doors

Depending on your understanding of this god,  if you have any idea at all, and I am confident that’s the case as you would not see Elegua in your dreams if you didn’t even know who Elegua is, anyway if you had any idea at all, you would understand that in the religions that worship Elegua, there is no way a ceremony will start without welcoming the orisha in their midst.

The idea of this is to invite the spirit to open doors for them and bless them with ease as they start their ceremony. To these people, if Elegua does not permit them to go, they wouldn’t even dare to go. So what does it mean to dream of Elegua? To dream of Elegua could mean that doors have been open for you or even closed, but ill prefer to think on the positive since we do not know what we are dealing with.

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Have you been praying about something important? Maybe you are trying to venture into a new business, start a family, or even praying for a child. Your dream is a shred of evidence that you can go ahead and be sure to receive what you desire; it is your ticket to continue on that path, except in your dream of Elegua, he was blocking your way, then this could mean that he does not want you to go ahead, you may have to go back to a Babalawo or priest to appease him.

Beginning and End of life

Like everything in life, where there’s an advantage, there has to be at least a disadvantage. To encounter Elegua in your dream could mean many things, and one of these things is the end of something. The end of life, death of a relationship, or business can be depicted in a dream about Elegua.

Elegua is frequently invoked and prayed to in connection with crucial moments in people’s lives because he is a god of life’s beginning, middle, and end. Elegua is in charge of overseeing all life transitions, including births, deaths, weddings, and marriages. To dream of Elegua means that maybe something new is coming to your life or something is about to die, and this depends on what you have been praying for and the context of your dream.


Elegua stone heads, which are often egg-shaped, are frequently left on the sides of the road or in front of doors. This is believed to bring luck to individuals who are traveling or setting off on adventures.

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Dreaming of Elegua indicates that you are in a difficult situation in life and that you require assistance in making a crucial choice. A new beginning is about to begin, so you should be open to finding new options and avenues according to this dream. Please don’t hesitate to call Elegua for help; he can provide you with the protection and insight you need.

The only thing that is constant in life is change, and to dream of Elegua could mean that there is about to be a significant change in your life. Maybe you are aware of this change, or perhaps you are not; the point is that change can be one the most challenging thing that you might have to do, and you are scared; this is pretty understandable.

Seeing Elegua in the dream signifies that you, embarking on a new journey, do not have to be afraid as he will be there to guide you and is ready to offer you the protection you will need to get to where you are going.

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Symbol of protection from misfortune

As a messenger of God, Elegua is also a symbol of spiritual protection and direction in dreams. He can aid in guiding you through the spiritual realms as he is the one who stands watch over the doorway to the spirit world. He can give you the confidence to follow your instincts and listen to your inner voice. He can assist in keeping you on the right road and shielding you from harmful influences and energy.

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He is the one many people who practice this religion pray to for protection from the hands of the evil one; people also pray to him for success, good fortune, deliverance, and so on, expecting that these prayers would reach a higher God through him. Maybe the road you have taken in life is one with an evil fate or bad ending; as a believer of Elegua, seeing Elegua in your dream signifies that you need to consider another route to get to where you are going because that path you are on is for doom. He was only there to turn a bad fate into a better one.

From now on, you need to pray and pay more attention to the decisions that you have been making or will be making from now onward, do not make any hasty decisions, and call on God for guidance before doing anything, because that is the only way to guarantee that you are headed the right way.


To dream of Elegua is a representation of the presence of a mighty deity in your life. This means that you cannot take any step without you being aware, he is watching you, and also expects you to acknowledge that he is part of your life. You need to do your part and the needful for him to also do his part as a deity. Good luck??!!