Biblical Meaning Of Fornication In Dream

When some things we do in our waking lives take place in a dream, there are lots of mystical hidden messages from the state of our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, to the causes of problems we are facing or we could encounter in the nearest future.

Biblical meaning of fornication in dream

The biblical meaning of fornication in dream portends a witchcraft attack on areas that bring joy in our lives, failure we could experience, a breakdown in our relationships, deception, loss of properties, demonic covenant, and a lack of direction in our lives.

This article aims at providing you with the interpretation of your dreams in regard to other symbols of the dreams and current happenings in your life. Let’s begin!

Biblical meaning of fornication in dream

Witchcraft attack

Matthew 13:24–25 —24 Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field25 But while men slepthis enemy came and sowed tares among the wheatand went his way.

The biblical meaning of fornication in dreams represents the loss of virtue through witchcraft attacks in the dreams. This attack will come in the form of a figure or a person whom you find irresistible, so the act can pull through without you stopping or fighting your way through it.

After you have these dreams, you will begin to experience rejection as your virtue and aura of favor have been extracted from your life as a result of your weakened spiritual life.

This dream also reveals that the cause of your constant anger and frustration always is as a result of these witches; stealing your joy and happiness while you sleep and you will always find yourself angry; thereby, directly or indirectly preventing good things in your own life.

These witches also monitor your finance, and anytime a good thing is about to take place; be it your lotto or gambling paper, be it a raise, a promotion, or a boom in your business, you will just suddenly dream of someone coming to make love with you.

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Taking 5 steps forward and 40 steps backward is what the biblical meaning of fornication in dreams means. You will find yourself always struggling to make ends meet and at the end of the day, you will still not be able to meet up, it is a result of your virtue being stolen.

This dream also warns of an imminent collapse in the source of your income. You should be very prudent with your financial expenses, or if you work, you should be careful of being set up for what you didn’t do. You should pray fervently and cancel every attack on your finances.

Your desires

The thought you had before sleeping or the thought you have harbored all week long has reflected in your dream. The biblical meaning of fornication in dreams warns that your lost and sinful desire is going to open the way for the devil to loot your life of all its good things.

Proverbs 6:25-29 Do not desire her beauty in your heart,
Nor let her capture you with her eyelids.
For on account of a harlot one is reduced to a loaf of bread,
And an adulteress hunts for the precious life.
Can a man take fire in his bosom
And his clothes not be burned?

Desist from every form of lust, get yourself a partner if you can’t stay alone, or you will end up living a wasted life.

Break down in your relationship

The biblical meaning of fornication in dream also hints at divorce will soon find its way to your doorstep. Your partner is not satisfied with aspects of your relationship and communication is lacking to get things working.

This dream also encourages you to brace yourself for quarrels that will find their way into your life for a certain period. Your children will be dissatisfied with your actions, same as your co-workers, spouse, and everyone at large. This is a projection of the devils and you should counter it with prayers and fasting.

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The biblical meaning of fornication in dream also foretells that you will be scammed and your money will be taken away from you either physically by people around you or people you are yet to meet, or through online scammers. Take care of how you share your sensitive information and train yourself not to get excited too quickly or don’t let your greed cost you a lot.

Also, be wary of Someone around you who is not who you think they are. The person is only there to find your weak spots or secrets and use them against you. The person will be just too smooth, and you will fall so deeply for them until they rip your heart and your life out.

Lack of direction

You move with the wind and can’t make a reasonable decision for yourself as the biblical meaning of fornication in the dream portends that you’re a double-minded person in all your ways and you will be a stooge in the hands of your enemies if you don’t begin to become intentional about your life activities.

This dream also shows you are lacking life’s purpose because it has been taken from you by the witches that keep coming to sleep with you in the dream. You’re struggling to put your life together or to have a direction in your career, education, or anything. You need prayers and you need to consciously begin to steer your life or it will be controlled for you.

Demonic covenant

Satanic covenant from your ancestors that you’re not aware of will keep coming to hunt you in the dreams. When you’re meant to serve a deity or when your life has been dedicated to a deity that you’re not aware of; if you’re not now serving this deity, it will keep coming to your dream to drain you of any good thing that is coming your way which is why you face disappointments. These things majorly happen to spiritually weak people.

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These dreams also announce the presence of spiritual husbands or wives. The work of these entities is to prevent any opposite sex from lasting in your life. If someone is beginning to like you, all of a sudden, they will just backtrack and start finding one stupid fault or the other. Prayers can stop this nonsense from happening.

Why do I dream about men other than my husband?

This dream will come from time to time if you’re considering other men in your thoughts. However, if that is not the case, then you have to have spirits from the water coming to renew your bond with the water.

This bond with the water will not necessarily affect your home, but anytime your husband does anything that pains you, he will experience financial losses. But you have to get to see your spiritual head for proper deliverance, as your bond with those water spirits can cut your life short.

Sleeping with a woman in a dream meaning 

If you have a dream where you keep sleeping with a particular woman or with different women, you’re going to be experiencing disappointments and financial losses. You will keep on being in situations where great opportunities will pass you by.

Most times, these spirits will come on the eve of any time you’re about to experience a good thing and they will truncate that good thing. You need to fast and pray a prayer of reluctance for one week.

Final thought 

The Biblical meaning of fornication in dream opens your eyes to the terrible things that could happen each time you sleep. The enemies are always on the prowl looking for how to destroy life and sap the good things you possess.

You need to lead a prayerful life if you experience fornication in the dream, this will give you the power to keep away those forces. Have any questions? You can comment below or send us a mail…