Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming Of Someone Knocking On Your Window

Someone knocking on your window in the dream or your waking life could startle anyone, as how would you have left the door and headed straight to the window to knock? This move already spells uncertainty and unexpected events.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming Of Someone Knocking On Your Window

The spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone knocking on your window symbolizes the problems that you’re yet to encounter, favor, spiritual awakening, trapped emotions, the potential manifestation of a soulmate, and your potentials that are yet to be explored.

This dream has a lot of deep meaning and you should carefully choose the interpretation of your dream with the guidance of your inner voice. Let’s proceed.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone knocking on your window


The spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone knocking on your window is a warning of an impending accident that may cost you dearly. You have to watch your children during this period, or you have to be careful about fire accidents and driving carelessly.

This dream also tells that A loved one is dead or about to die. Usually, some 50 or 100 years ago, people that die prematurely, or people that died having some messages to convey or pass on, hang around the houses of the person they want to pass the message on to, and either keep knocking on their windows or their doors, as reported by aged South Americans and Africans.

After having this dream, you may get robbed and your belongings will be taken away. The knock on your window is to warn you about what is about to happen, it’s just that you may be too startled to listen or pay attention and open the window, hence, waking up abruptly from the dream. Next time, relax and get the message.


The spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone knocking on your window foretells a new job or a promotion in a position that will come with increased pay. Once this dream manifests, you should take out some money and get some stuff and share it with homeless people, and you will even experience a bigger increase in no time.

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A new financial opportunity is also coming your way that may not be your workplace related, it could be just a business opportunity that will move your finances from it’s a current position to a better one where you can easily afford the majority of things you want.

But spend wisely so you don’t return to square one after a short while.

Spiritual awakening

The spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone knocking on your window is a sign that God wants you to get closer to him. When his has a bug purpose that he wants to achieve in your life, he will try to communicate to you through lots of means.

Most times the noises in our head won’t let us know when God is trying to talk to us; this noise is our burdens, worries and responsibilities, but for his abundant love, he will always find ways to get the message to you.

After having this dream, you will begin to have visions that will be short and so real, this visions represents your spiritual awakening to see things before they happen.

Some persons will be will begin to prophesy after having this dream, but you have to work for it, by devoting your time more to study, praying and alone time with God.

Trapped emotions

Guilt or regrets of the past are represented by the spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone knocking on your window. Your subconscious mind is only relaying the thoughts you had earlier before sleeping or the thoughts you have been battling with after getting involved things you regret.

This dream also represents emotional baggage as a result of troubles faced in your life from your spouse or people you love. Knocking on the window is an absurd happening that reflects distress.

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Advancement of a soulmate

A new relationship that will bring you joy is coming, this can be a romantic relationship or business, or just friendships as the spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone knocking on your window portends.

You are about to find love, or rediscover love with your soul mate: this means your relationship that has been rocky will find love again, or if you have been having heartbreaks and people that don’t care always coming around you, you will finally get to meet a person who sincerely loves you.

Be careful of wrong choices and don’t go for shinny objects these periods, as you have to be focused on what you want, so you don’t miss what is coming your way.

Untapped potentials

The spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone knocking on your window shows wisdom will start manifesting in your life, in how you handle problems and your relationships. People will sort for you to resolve problems that they couldn’t settle themselves, but you have to stay humble to keep your gift growing.

Also, when you have dreams of someone knocking on your window, it’s a call for you to explore your talents. It is terrible to live this life and not do beyond 10% of what you’re capable of doing.

If you could sing, dance, write, talk, repair, counsel, are a problem solver, are a designer, an artist, or you love DIYs, or whatever your interests are, you could always find a channel to enhance and get your life to become happier and more fulfilled by fulfilling your talents

Also, be on the seek for opportunities around you that you could take. There are endless opportunities around us, you just have to keep an eye out.

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Dream of Dark figure knocking on the window

When you have dreams of a dark figure knocking on your window, death has taken place or is about to take place around you. A loved one is about to lose their life and has come to tell you goodbyes.

This death could also be for you, but it’s something you have control of. Your feeding habits or your general lifestyle could bring about sudden death for you, so take heed.

This dream also shows you will be down with a serious sickness.

Dream of dead relative knocking on the window

When you dream of a dead relative knocking on your window it shows you need to find out hidden secrets in your family. These secrets are founded on things they worshipped in the past; you will be able to trace things causing you delays and pains.

A dead relative knocking on your window in is also a sign of death, you’re being trailed by spirit of death which could come from any angle, but there is no need to fret, for you to see the dream, it means its something you could avoid. Be careful of your association and movements this period.

Final Thoughts

The spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone knocking on your window reveals things that are about to take place in your life or things that are already taking place in your life. No matter how negative the meaning of a dream could be, its nothing to fear about, you should only inquire what you need to avoid such from happening and apply to your life.

Our dream interpretation is based on spiritual guidance and real happenings over the years, if you for any reason want a personalised dream interpretations, feel free to use the comment box to narrate your dream and we will reply as soon as we could.