What Does Floating In A Dream Mean Spiritually

Dreams sometimes can be confusing, especially dreams like one where you find yourself floating in the dream. As relaxing as the dream may have felt, you are still trying to answer the one question on your mind, “What does floating in a dream mean spiritually”, with the keyword here being “spiritually”.

What Does Floating In A Dream Mean Spiritually

Seeing yourself floating in the dream has several spiritual implications, depending on where and how you are floating.

To understand what you meant by floating in the dream, we will be using different possible scenarios to discuss what it means when you dream about floating. Nonetheless, there are some basic spiritual meanings of floating in the dream, they include :

Spiritual upliftment

dreaming of floating can occur in so many ways, but if you see yourself standing somewhere like your bathroom, and then all of a sudden you notice that your feet aren’t touching the ground anymore, your dream may suggest that God is taking you to a new level.

Usually, this level that the Lord is taking you into is one which you have been asking for so earnestly, and the bible says “Ask and you will receive”. You have asked of the lord and he has finally ranted you your heart desires.

Your dream of floating welcomes you into a new era of spiritual growth, enlightenment, and upliftment. What this means is that from now on, you will begin to enjoy access to realms that you were unable to unlock before.

Our dreams sometimes are just there to relay messages from the deepest part of our souls using symbolisms, and in this case, floating is the main symbol used to ass this message.

One spiritual meaning of floating in the dream is that it could be a message from God, this is God telling you the spiritual and divine connection that you have been longing for has been given to you, go ahead and enjoy that.


I’ve been privileged to have these conversations with a lot of alcohol and smoking addicts regarding why they still go back to smoking, and some of the replies I get just amaze me all the time, however, there’s one common reply that always stands out. They say that alcohol gives them the kind of freedom that they so much desire but can never get in reality.

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By freedom, I like to think they feel a bit free from all the burdens that they carry in their reality because in that space they also feel like they’re floating and hovering or even flying.

The point here is that dreaming of floating could be your subconscious doing the most by showing you what your deeper desires are. You feel burdened by the things that you have to go through in your day-to-day life, and you just can’t seem to take it anymore, floating in a dream is an avenue of displaying your desire for escape.

The spiritual meaning of floating in the dream may also represent your triumph concerning a particular matter that has been troubling you for a  while.

This matter may have always made you feel overwhelmed and overburdened that you want to escape your reality, You have been praying about this matter for a long time, well I have news for you, God just did it, God has delivered you, and you floating in the dream is just evidence that the burden has been lifted and you can experience a life of one less thing to worry about.


Just like the place of spiritual upliftment, another meaning of floating in the dream spiritually means that you are about to experience a lifting in your physical life, and this concerns your health, finances, career, and so on. Dreaming of floating means that you are changing levels, to a higher one for that matter. An upgrowth means development, it’s a term that describes something that’s doing better than it was in the past. Floating in the dream represents your better days are here.

You’re about to experience so much of God’s goodness and mercy in your life. Those things that used to seem almost impossible to do, those mountains and barriers that seemed impossible to climb, are all beneath you because you are now being carried by the all-sufficient grace of God.

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Dream of objects floating on water

If you’re asking the question what does floating in a dream mean spiritually? it would be important to state what exactly was floating in the dream, and what it was floating on. In a case where you dream of objects floating on water, just like in the case of a sea, objects floating on water, maybe a turbulent one signifies looming troubles, however, if the water suddenly becomes calm, it suggests that whatever troubles that you may be experiencing right now, or the one that’s to come will not be the end of you.

A dream of someone floating on water suggests that you will not go down with the troubles of life, rather you will be coming out strong from any challenge that you’re facing now, dreaming of objects floating on water represents Victory.

Dream of floating in the sea

Water was where the earth as a whole was made from, the sea represents mankind, its origin, and so on. If you dreamed of floating in the sea, and the current of the sea was very calm, and in your dream, you knew where you were headed, then your dream suggests that you are moving in the right direction. sometimes, a dream about floating in the sea may have been triggered by your thoughts.

You may be at a point where you need to take a very important decision or stand, or you just had a new start-up and have been wondering if that was the right thing to do, floating in a very calm sea suggests that you’re on the right track and will be experiencing peace in every area of your life while floating a turbulent sea in the dream suggests doom, setbacks or challenges.

Dream about flying and hovering

To dream about flying and hovering suggests that you’re feeling excited about a particular thing in your life. it can mean that you’re embracing a sense of achievement, and success and you feel like you’re ready to embark on overcoming new challenges. This is almost the same when you talk about the spiritual meaning of dreams about flying and hovering because it suggests that you’re now operating on a new realm or level.

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A friend of mine came to me and narrated one of the dreams he had after his fast which he had embarked on just a week ago. he talked about how he was trying to escape the animals that were chasing him but ended up running to the edge of a skyscraper, and at this point, there was no going back, so he decided to jump down, as long as those devourers do not get hold of him.

By the time he realized he wasn’t dead in the dream, he found out that he was even floating in the sky and while he was telling me this story, he had a big grin on his face and was giggling, I’m pretty sure he felt like he was superman, but I let him have his moment.

As he spoke, I knew that he knew the meaning of his dream, and the meaning was that he has been elevated by God that no harm, be it spiritual or physical can even dare to touch him, he has been anointed to operate on realms where babies can’t even thread.

A lot of interpreters would like to tell you that to dream about flying and hovering means that the dreamer possesses witchcraft, but I can boldly say that’s not always the case, and it very well depends on the context, mood, and actions portrayed in the dream.


What does floating in a dream mean spiritually?,  well, regarding this matter we should not be ignorant of the way the devil tries to manipulate our dreams, so for better guidance, it is necessary to speak to God for that guidance or make an appointment with your minister or spiritual head for more clarity on the matter.