What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Witch

What does it mean when you dream about a witch? Well, to dream about witches is a bad Omen, which projects difficulties in different aspects of the life of the dreamer, depending on the context of the dream. For example, Killing a witch in the dream suggests that you will be victorious over any form of hindrance, curse, or setback in your life right now, however, this is not always the case when it comes to other forms of dreams about witches, follow me to learn more.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Witch

The symbolism of witches in the dream

As commonly understood, witches are associated with people, most especially women who practice witchcraft. Most time this practice has no good intentions. They make use of magic, incantations, and supernatural powers, mostly in a bid to inflict pain, harm, and misfortune on others they feel are beneath them.

So to many people from various cultures and walks of life, the symbol of witches whether in a dream or reality only causes a stir of fear, misfortune, and pain. Seeing a witch in your dream, especially as a spiritual-minded person is a cause for worry because they did not go through all that trouble just to make you feel good.

So most times when we hear witches, we think magic, we think dark costumes,  spells, and so on, Therefore this article will be examining what it means to see a witch in the dream using the above as the basis for our discussion.

Biblical meaning of seeing a witch in a dream

The Bible has no good report to give us about the witches, all it has to give are scriptures that warn us against the evils of witchcraft. some of the biblical meanings of seeing a witch in a dream include:

The presence of Sin

In the book of 1 Samuel, divination which is also a form of witchcraft was put in the same category as what we call sin. So in cases where you see yourself becoming a witch or practising witchcraft, it is a warning from God, that you are deviating from the path of righteousness.

The biblical meaning of seeing a witch in your dream, depending on what you were doing with the witch may show that you’re rejecting the love of God and also rejecting him in the process, you’re giving yourself to the devil, and it is important that you check your like very well, check your heart to see what you’re replacing God with.

God did not fail to give us the reward of what we get if we start to turn to witches, and spiritists for guidance. When we do this, it may only do nothing but bring God’s wrath upon us.

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If you’re dreaming about witches, now is not the time to feel like you’re on a mission, now, depending on the context of your dreams of a witch, you need to understand that you could have done something that the Lord is quite against, something that he frowns so much upon which is a big threat to your life because God has promised to cut such one off from your people, it could get messy.

A spiritual Revelation

For spiritual-minded persons, witches in the dream may stand as the strong man either in their family or one who they’re interested in. Depending on the context, for example, If you see yourself killing witches in the dream, this is a sign that yours doing as the lord had said.

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. -Exodus 22:18

This is one of the commandments that the lord had given to the people of Israel, you must not let the witch see the break of day as long as they continue to perpetrate witchcraft.

Killing witches in your dream means that you’re now in charge of your life because you have finally conquered your oppressors. Dreaming about witches sometimes reveals the reasons why you’ve been experiencing setbacks and low productivity in your everyday life.

Another spiritual meaning of witches in a dream represents the state of your spiritual life, however, this depends on what was happening with the witch, and how you handle the situation, your mood and state of mind after waking up from such a dream.

Spiritual attack

The Bible says “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this [present] darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) places.” –Ephesians 6:12

So, what does it mean when you dream about a witch? A spiritual attack is one out of the many meanings of dreaming about witches attacking you, or just appearing alone. If you know the way the spiritual realm operates, this should not come as a shock to you, because seeing witches as prayerful people is pretty common, you may even have to deal with them in real life.

If you dream of being surrounded by witches, or dream of a witch in your house then you require serious prayers and intervention, because this acts as an attack on everything good that wants to show forth in your life, and the devil trying to hold you back.

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Prayers should be against every attack of the wicked one on your life and that of your family, I declare that they would not prevail in the name of Jesus, and also visit a minister for counsel.

What does it mean when you dream about a witch who was haunting you?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Witch

Being haunted by a witch in the dream can be some greater level of scary. I can’t even imagine my reaction to a tall woman in an all-black and purple attire, with a long hat that has eyes on them staring at me, I would lose my mind, so I didn’t come here to tell you not to be scared, rather I’m here to understand the meaning of dreams about witches haunting you.


Saw a witch in your dream, and it kept trying to open your doors just to get in while you and your family had dinner. the first question you should answer is whether you are sure that it was a witch that you saw, and if yes, then the next thing is to put yourself together because such dreams suggest that you and your family are in danger.

Seeing a witch in a dream is a warning of impending danger to the dreamer. this means that everyone who was a subject in that dream will have to be more careful as wherever the trouble may come from is unknown, so if it’s possible to gather everyone and then pray to avert every plan of the evil ones, then that would be a great idea. The dream about witches also shows that someone somewhere is planning some sort of evil against you.

This means that you are about to be betrayed and there are going to be manifestations of that betrayal in your life in the form of conflict either between you and a friend or you and your family.


If you’re dreaming about witches haunting you, it could also be the way your subconscious fears and proceeds to show them to you. The witch represents your fears, it could be the biggest one, or even the smallest, and if you run away, your witch dream means that you are not ready to face your problems ahead. This also reveals your personality to an extent, as running away from a witch in the dream suggests that you’re not yet old or mature enough to handle your responsibilities, and so you’ll prefer not to even face them at all.

Running away from the witch may seem like the best thing to do at that moment, however, when you wake up, learn to pray. Before you start thinking about searching for the meaning of your dream, the best thing you would do for yourself is to declare God’s word over your life, casting away fear, and cancelling every attempt of the enemy to destroy your life.

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In the case when you dream about witches attacking you, it suggests your state of helplessness. Such a dream could come at a time when you feel like everything happening around you is so overwhelming with no one even trying to help you, regardless of how many times you’ve reached out to them

Witch casting a spell on you in Dream

Seeing a witch casting a spell on you in a dream is a bad omen. If you’re just laying there doing nothing, while the witch does their thing, this suggests your spiritual weakness. this means that the devil has found a way to penetrate your life, and know they’re holding you in bondage, or at least they’re making an attempt to hold you down. The Bible has advised us on different counts to not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy, and this dream of a witch casting a spell on you is one of the devices the bible warned us about.

The fact that you even saw this means that God loves you so much, and he is very interested in delivering you because there is no enchantment against those who love the lord. What you have to do after waking up from such a dream is to thank God for the revelation and begin to ask for his mercy, declaring that whatever the enemy has planted and whatever seed that is not of God in your life shall be uprooted and all this in the name of Jesus.

Final Thoughts – Becoming a witch in your dream meaning

Being a witch in your dream suggests that you are the cause of all the negativity that has been present in your life all the while. maybe before now, you had the idea that everyone is against you, or everyone else is to blame but yourself concerning the problem you’re facing, the answer now has been revealed to you is that you are the course of your problem, and the bible has warned us to make sure no witch survives.

This means that you need to do some character assessment, check yourself, and begin to take out all the toxic and unhealthy characteristics that you already have working in you. Also, ask God to show you whatever and wherever in your life that you may need to make some adjustments.