3 Biblical meaning of curtains in a dream

The biblical meaning of curtains in a dream goes both ways, good or bad, depending on the context of your dream. In dreams like that, it’s necessary to take the whole experience into context. For example, what were you doing with the curtains, were you just starting at the curtains, hanging them or you were being covered with them?

Biblical meaning of curtains in a dream

If you’ve established the context of your dream in your mind, then you can begin to apply some of the meanings of the biblical meaning of curtains in a dream that we’ve tried to put together.

What Do Curtains Symbolize In Dreams

In trying to understand the spiritual or biblical meaning of curtains in a dream, The importance of unveiling the meaning of curtains as symbols cannot be overemphasized. The world is a big place and there is no universal meaning associated with any symbol, as long as all cultures have not been put into consideration, so what does the curtain as a symbol mean to you?

In this post, we’re looking at a spiritual and biblical angle, so, in Exodus 26:7 concerning the terbanacle, the curtains that were to be made for the tabernacle, to serve as a covering. The curtains were there to cover the walls and were supposed to be made to be as elegant as possible because I mean, this is God’s presence we’re talking about.

When I hear curtains, I first relate them to a piece of material used to cover somewhere, so others may not see through, or to protect the light from coming in, others would also associate curtains with beautification the question is what do you see it as?

3 Biblical meaning of curtains in a dream


You see, curtains are used to cover things like the window or door, some people even make use of them to cover a part of their rooms where they do not want visitors to see. lf you are holding a curtain up in your dreams, or you’re hanging up curtains on the wall in a dream, the biblical meaning of curtains in a dream in this case may mean that you are attempting t[o cover something that you do not want out in the open. See the book of Samuel 27vs2 where David was trying to speak to prophet Nathan about the ark of covenant.

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I am sure that the Ark of Covenant was very sacred, and so should not necessarily be seen or touched by just anyone. David was in the same home where the ark was, and still, the ark remained under curtains, out of sight because that’s where they needed it to be. The point here is that if you dreamt and saw yourself hanging curtains or covering something, it shows that there’s something you are not proud of in your life, that you do not want others to see.

however, I cannot say that your dream has not been manipulated by the enemy, trying to tell you not to come clean and confess about something bad that you have done or the dream was from God. if your dream about curtains was from God, then hanging up curtains may suggest that you may need to learn how to bridle your tongue and also learn and understand what privacy means. Your curtain dream is bringing your attention to your attitude, yes, the attitude of saying everything that’s going on in your life.

This must stop because the only way the devil finds out anything about you, is through what you say and how you project yourself, yes when there’s good news, you can share, but you have to be careful whom you share with, learn to close your mouth and keep your life private, not bringing everyone outside into the happenings in your home. The next step to take is for you to ask God to reveal to you the most important aspects of your curtain dream.

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The Book of Exodus 26 spoke mostly about the beautification of the Tabernacle of God, and in its details, it didn’t fail to mention how extravagant the Tabernacle curtains needed to be. If you saw a curtain in your dream, relate it to your mood, did you feel relaxed, happy, or on edge? were you admiring the curtains, or even purchasing curtains in the dream?

The biblical meaning of seeing a curtain in a dream may be God’s intention to beautify and decorate your life which is being revealed in your dream. Depending on the context of your dream, dreaming about curtains may mean that you are being beautified by God, and your life is about to change. You may begin to witness the manifestations of his dream when you see everything that you’ve been working hard for begin to come together for good. All you need right now is to be patient, and while waiting to see God’s hands manifest in your life, you can also hasten things up by praying and praising God.


Here is the most important and most sensitive part of this topic. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, curtains are hanging screens usually capable of being drawn back or up, for example, a window drapery, and as a verb, it can mean to veil or to shut off or something used to furnish a place.

When you dream about a curtain or even an ordinary piece of clothing, it can have deeper meanings, but only if you put the symbol into context. If you were being covered with a curtain in a dream or with any piece of clothing at all, symbolizes coverage.

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Now depending on the context of your dream about curtains, the biblical meaning of dreaming about curtains may suggest that right now there is spiritual coverage over your life. it could either be from God or a satanic coverage.

In a case where God is the one who has covered you, it means that you’re protected and covered by his grace, and evil hands will hardly touch nor come near you. The Bible says that he that hides in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadows of the almighty.

What this means is that God is with you, at every turn and every hard face in your life. Your dream about curtains may have come at a time when the going is rough, and things do not seem to be working out as you’ve planned out, however, the dream has come as a reminder that God is still your father and your protector, and you will abide under his shadow, knowing without a doubt that this is not the end of your life.

There is the other side of such dreams where the coverage may present as a satanic one, if this is so, Prayers will be very much needed. Having satanic coverage suggests that problems will be the only thing prevalent thing in your life and this must be cancelled.

A satanic coverage shows that your destiny is hidden and something is trying to shut out the light that you have been given by God, and this means that it will be very difficult for you who was the subject of the curtaining to make any progress in your life without God’s intervention.