Is Elegua A Demon?

The word demon is derived from the Greek word daimon, which can be translated as “supernatural being” or “spirit.” Though it is typically connected with a bad or malignant spirit.

In our article on whether Elegua is evil or not, we explored his common characteristics of being cunning, his availability to carry out both evil and good requests, his gatekeeping duties between the human and spirit realms, and his ability to mediate between humans and between Orishas.

His thirst for mischief could give him off as a demon, but worshipers would never agree he is a demon; in fact, they liken him to being just like Archangel Gabriel, but this isn’t correct in any way, as angels loyal to God don’t seek worship.

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Is Elegua a demon?

Elegua can be said to be a demon, as he carries out the activities of a demon. While it may be argued that his trickery and malevolent acts are intended to bring about correction, they also bring about pain and disagreement, even amongst friends.

The Yoruba culture doesn’t believe that there are any demons in the pantheon of their deities, as they believe all Orishas were created by Oloddumare with the primary aim of pointing men to their destiny and not destruction.

But if we look at this from a deeper angle, Elegua can be summoned to carry out evil even on an innocent person, as long as he is worshipped. A benevolent spirit would not carry out the order of a human to afflict another innocent human.

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In the Bible, while God created all angels, some of the angels were greedy for power and sought worship for themselves, and a war ensued, which led to their being banished. These falling angels are referred to as demons and evil spirits.

But Elegua worshippers would argue that this is not the case, that if he were a demon, he wouldn’t be gatekeeping between humans and divinity, and that his sole aim of trickery and causing pain even when not called for is to elicit sincerity in humans.

A beautiful revelation is that Eshu means devil in the Yoruba language. On altars where Elegua is worshiped, the statues used to represent him usually have a red demonic face with horns. Worshipers confirm that his presence is made apparent through the smell of sulfur, which is the same with Christian demons.

Exploring the Positive and Beneficial Aspects

The main reason why it is not so easy to label Elegua as a demon is the perceived positive sides to him:

Guardian of Crossroads: Navigating Life’s Choices

Elegua, often portrayed as a mischievous deity, stands at the crossroads of his worshiper’s lives. But before you conjure up an image of a split path in the forest, let’s truly grasp the symbolism behind this. Crossroads symbolizes moments of decision-making and choices that shape our future. Elegua doesn’t intend to lead astray; rather, he serves as a guide through these crucial moments.

Think of him as your spiritual navigator, helping you navigate the ups and downs of life. Elegua ensures that you make choices that align with your destiny and spiritual development. So no, he’s thought not to be a sinister figure lurking in the shadows; instead, he resembles a wise and mischievous mentor who encourages you to follow the right path.

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Bringer of Opportunities: Opening Doors to Success

In the course of our lives, we frequently come across situations where doors close and opportunities slip away. This is where Elegua comes into play as the one who opens doors. He can be likened to a celestial locksmith, possessing the ability to unlock opportunities and clear the path to success.

Rituals devoted to Elegua for achieving success and prosperity are performed with the faith that he can eliminate obstacles and create avenues for abundance. Therefore, instead of being a malevolent force.

He is also thought to be a positive force, helping you seize opportunities and achieve your goals. He’s like that friend who always knows where the hidden keys are, ready to assist you in unlocking your potential.

Final Thoughts

Deciding if Elegua is a demon or not can be quite tricky, as Elegua encompasses the intricacies of human behavior. He symbolizes the coexistence of light and darkness, illustrating the dual nature of life.

Elegua’s purpose is to preserve equilibrium and harmony, positioning him as neither entirely benevolent nor malevolent but rather an essential presence in the universe.

His willingness to carry out evil acts even on the innocent and his tricks on people to cause them to go into trouble, pain, or loss, may give him out as a demon.