Biblical Meaning of Signing Paper In A Dream

Multiple scenarios could be thought of when it comes to signing papers, you could be signing a receipt, bank teller, land documents, contracts, and so on. However, dreams are hardly literal and could mean a lot of things depending on the context.

Biblical Meaning of Signing Paper In A Dream

The biblical meaning of signing paper in a dream foretells wealth, a covenant with God, the need for you to begin to take responsibility, working for God with your substance, and the death of your enemies.

By the end of this read, depending on the context of your dream and other symbols, you should be able to decipher the biblical meaning of your dream.

Biblical Meaning of Signing Paper In A Dream


The biblical meaning of signing paper in a dream symbolizes a promotion in your life. This promotion can be in your workplace or your status, but you will get elevated. But does that mean you should just relax and the dream will come to pass?

You should advance yourself in any field you’re working in, become more resourceful, and take the initiative when necessary, and your efforts will eventually pay off.

Your spirit guide has seen you succeed hugely in no time. Hence, the message through your dream for you to source for opportunities and follow them up to the point of fruition.


God has just renewed his covenant with you. Every one of us has a covenant with God, and this covenant comes with a clause and a reward–like he asked Abraham to walk before him and be blameless, and he will make him the father of many nations, a fruitful being from which many kings will come(Genesis 17:4-6).

It could also be a demonic covenant, as many people’s destinies are stolen or manipulated in their dreams. Everything that takes place in your waking life has been decided spiritually, and when God loves you he makes you see the good things so you can protect them, and also the negative things so you can avoid them.

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I once had a friend who dreamt of signing a paper that was handed to him by a dark figure whose face wasn’t clear, and he signed the paper. He was mystified and kept wondering what it could mean.

I interpreted his dream and told him the sad truth, of how forces have taken advantage of his spiritual weakness to initiate him into things that will drain his life. I went further to explain to him that we are all vessels, and something must possess us, either the spirit of God or an opportunistic demonic entity.

Well, I told him not to worry, that there’s always a solution to every problem. I asked him to use powerful psalms such as psalms 91 and 35 to pray throughout the day–then, over time I called him to check how it was going with him, and I noticed he wasn’t praying from how he replied to my questions.

Exactly after two months, he started having dreams where he sees himself bathing in water with children that had headless faces, dreams of white sheep moving in circles, and dreams of masquerade pursuing him.

This event didn’t end in his dreams, as he was physically affected. It first started with him being laid off, and having issues with his health in general; a sudden increase in his blood and sugar level upon he feeds healthy.

To summarize the story, he became a victim of demonic covenanting, which made his life miserable, but thanks to God, he got delivered and his life is back to normal as he took his psalms seriously when things started becoming tougher.


The biblical meaning of signing papers in a dream relays that you are overwhelmed with responsibilities in your waking life these responsibilities could be the responsibilities of family, your working place, your care, and even your bills to pay.

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But don’t worry, don’t let this weigh you down as God says in Psalm 55:22 “Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

Another meaning under this category is that You need to start taking up responsibilities. When there are things that you’re meant to do that you don’t do, you will end up missing the rewards or blessings attached to those things.

Imagine not being present for your children’s games, for things that matter to your partner, or your family. You always have reasons to avoid shouldering any form of responsibility. Nature has a way of balancing this thing out, as people you will expect to be there for you will possess your manner of attitude.

Working for God

You are a chosen vessel to spread the gospel when you have dreams of signing a paper. God Has chosen and prepared you for himself to do marvelous exploits that will announce his ministry and save a lot of souls from destruction.

Working for God is not as terrible as people think it is; people think that once you start serving God, you no longer experience freedom. There is nothing true about such statements, as serving God is where all Freedom begins.

The biblical meaning of signing paper in a dream also portends that your finance should be used in spreading the good news of salvation across the Earth. God wants you to serve him with your substance, and all your expectations and things that have been hard for you to achieve will start happening easily for you.

Death of your enemies

Signing papers in a dream is also a display of authority and spiritual strength, and might. When you see yourself signing papers in the dream, you will begin to experience fewer afflictions in your life, as that paper you signed is a sign of a victory over things afflicting you in your life.

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Biblical Meaning of Signing Paper In A Dream In Precision

Dreaming of signing a contract

When you dream of signing a contract in your dream, you begin to experience unmerited favor and financial elevation, but this will be possible only if you felt positive emotions when signing that contract.

As we have earlier explained, signing a contract or a paper with a negative emotion, or signing a contract that has been handed to you over by a dark figure which you couldn’t see, is a sign of demonic oppression, setbacks, failure, guilt, and regrets.

For all the problems we will face in our lives as Christians, the best and easy way to break out of the Satanic oppression is through prayers and fasting, and dwelling on the word of God.

Dreaming of signing a balance sheet or receipt

Signing a receipt or a balance sheet in the dream is a sign of A New Beginning. You will begin to experience new things in your life: a change in character, a change in the way people perceive you, how you discover opportunities, and a change in your entire life activities.

Final thoughts

The biblical meaning of signing paper in a dream is a very delicate dream and could mean both negative and positive things depending on the context and all the symbols present in your dream.

With the help of the interpretations written above, you can easily uncover the message your dream is trying to pass to you. If you want a more personalized interpretation of your dreams, feel free to use the comment box and send us a message, and we will reply as soon as we can.