Is Elegua A Demon?

The word demon is derived from the Greek word daimon, which can be translated as “supernatural being” or “spirit.” Though it is typically connected with a bad or malignant spirit. In our article on whether Elegua is evil or not, we explored his common characteristics of being cunning, his availability to carry out both evil … Read more

Biblical Meaning Of A White Car In A Dream

biblical meaning of a white car in a dream

When we dream of a car burning, being driven, a particular color, or the car keys, it could mean a lot. In dreams, vehicles like cars often symbolize our journey through life or the path we are currently on. Also, if you’re able to wake up and remember what you dreamed about, it is a … Read more

Is Elegua Evil? Explained!

Is elegua evil?

A common belief amongst cultures around the world correlates hardship and growth in life with interaction with a higher force that brings about a better or worse outcome. One of these higher forces is in the person of Elugua, revered by the Yoruba religion, Santera, or Candomblé of Nigerian or Latin American descent. Is Elegua … Read more

Biblical Meaning Of Circles In Dreams

biblical meaning of circles in dreams

Circles can be positive or negative depending on the context of the dream. Circles denote completion and at the same time, it can also mean wallowing in mistakes and the past, but what does the bible have to say about circles in dreams? The biblical meaning of circles in dreams portends a lack of direction, … Read more

Biblical Meaning Of Spider Webs In Dreams

biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams

Spider webs may seem like harmless spider fibers, but they mean everything negative when it comes to their spiritual symbol. Be it in your waking life or in your dream, the spider web is a sign that your spiritual defense is weakened and that is why the common enemies (witches, monitoring spirits, and household wicked … Read more