Biblical Meaning Of Spider Webs In Dreams

Spider webs may seem like harmless spider fibers, but they mean everything negative when it comes to their spiritual symbol. Be it in your waking life or in your dream, the spider web is a sign that your spiritual defense is weakened and that is why the common enemies (witches, monitoring spirits, and household wicked spirits) can make use of the web to extract virtue from your life.

biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams

The biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams symbolizes hindrance in every aspect of your life, a witchcraft attack that has led to the loss of your virtue, shame, rejection, and health problems.

A lot of people have been rendered useless or emptied by spiritual entities Through the dream, if you don’t lead a prayer life, you will certainly be a prey, but happily, God loves you, and that is why he has made it possible for you to see the root cause of your problems or the problem that is about to take place, so you can solve or prevent it.

This article will help you interpret your dream and also provide solutions.

Biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams


Walking into a spider web on the road or in your house shows there is a great hold placed in your life that is preventing things that are due to you from reaching you as the biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams portends.

The scary thing is that you will be encountering these webs physically and occasionally in your dream. Your dream of spider webs means hindrance when you walk into spider webs with your legs or hand; it shows that there is an even tie that is limiting you and making it seem like you’re laboring in vain.

What people that are less qualified than you will get in lesser time will take you years o achieve, or you may even give up on the way and not achieve anything. This is not ordinary and doesn’t take it for granted. If there is a delay in achieving your life goals, meeting your life partner, or destiny helpers, or discovering opportunities, seek God’s face in prayers.

Being a baby Christian can be dangerous as the enemies will use your life as a football field: they will dribble you out of your success, make you score own goals when you’re close to achieving anything big, and at the end of the day–turn you to a serial failure (God forbid!).

Hebrews 5:11-14 Concerning him we have much to say, and it is hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing. For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you have need again for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God, and you have come to need milk and not solid food. For everyone who partakes only of milk is not accustomed to the word of righteousness, for he is an infant.
But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.

Shame (reproach)

Shame in your life becomes inevitable if you walk into spiderwebs with your face or you have dreams about spiderwebs covering your whole face or parts of your body. You will find yourself doing things that will lead to shame. You will notice you’re constantly trying to take what is not yours(stealing), or you’re always at the center of one bad news or the other.

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I have a piece of good news for you! The biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams has exposed the reason behind the spirit of reproach and shame that has been terrorizing you or is about to start terrorizing you. Now, you have a prayer point to deliver yourself.

  • Ask God to turn every veil of reproach and shame that has been used to clothe your life to a new look of favor and attraction.
  • Pray to God to have mercy on you and restore his glory in your life.


In the demonic world, witches are ranked low, but if they are ranked low, why are they so popular? Witches are known for one thing–consistency. They never leave their victims alone; they keep on trying you and trying you till they find a weakness to attack.

Believers of nowadays cannot even maintain a prayer life of at least one hour every morning and night. Plus, we lead a life that will encourage the oppression of the wicked(witches). Witches are stubborn, which is why the sin of witchcraft is likened to rebellion, and God commands you to suffer them not to live (Ezekiel 28:18).

How do witches operate? They mostly come in the night to implant things that will make your life miserable, and they also steal your virtue, rendering you useless in the process. The very common tactics of witches are coming to your dream with a familiar face to beat you up so that you won’t fight back, coming to sleep with you in the dream, or using spider webs on you.

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Have you ever been expecting something big, or a piece of good news, and suddenly, you have a dream where someone comes to fornicate with you, and what you were expecting never comes again?

The effect of a successful witchcraft attack can be seen in the form of late marriage as the biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams portends. They will place a veil of rejection on you through the spider web, and the only kind of men that would be attracted to you are the ones you don’t need.

Hardship is another fruit of witchcraft oppression as the biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams depicts. You will be undergoing unnecessary hardships, getting entangled with loans here and there, yet you can’t account for what you’re using the money for. You cant get gainfully employed and you constantly feel like you’re taking 10 steps forward and 70 steps backward.

Failure in marriages, failure in realizing your mistakes and correcting them on time ( which can make you keep moving in circles), failure in business, and failure in everything you do is a to manipulation tactics of witches and wizards. Once they collect your virtue, you will begin to labor with little to no reward.

Most times, when you’re about to make important decisions in your life, if the devil knows you’re aware of his web tactics, he will project webs in your waking life or in the dream, so as to push you to take a wrong decision. The best key to defeating the devil is to constantly fellowship with God, and he will reveal the truth of every situation as the biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams admonishes.


  • Father restore my virtue from wherever it has been taken and withheld.
  • Father, the first directive you gave was that ” we should go into the world and be fruitful and multiply” I decree that my life will begin to be fruitful as your word has mandated me.
  • Show mercy upon me and deliver me from the oppression of the wicked.
  • Every witchcraft seed around me, I uproot you by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • I declare the mark of touch me not upon my head.
  • I curse that witchcraft coven and gathering where my issue will be discussed to catch fire.
  • I refuse to be a carrier of evil load in jesus neam.
  • Every trap of the witches, set to destroy or limit me- be consumed by fire.
  • Whosoever is behind this attack, be it a relation, a friend, or anyone, be exposed and disgraced.
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Health problems

The biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams reveals the health problems you’re facing or that you’re about to face. This health problem will come in the form of a devourer that will devour your finances and you will barely respond to orthodox treatment.


  • I place my finances in the palms of God, in Jesus’ name.
  • I decree divine health upon my life in the name of the lord.
  • Sing and thank God for victory

Spiritual meaning of removing cobwebs in a dream

Victory over hindrance, delay, problems in your relationship, gathering and scattering, working like an elephant and eating like an ant, spending all your earning on medication, and constant oppression has been granted to you as the spiritual meaning of removing cobwebs in a dream depicts.

The spiritual meaning of removing cobwebs in a dream also points at the need for a modification of your character, so as to bridge the gap the enemies use in getting to you. If I am not a person that is quick to anger or quick to react, witches or whoever cannot manipulate me into a situation where I would get angry and possibly, kill someone.

Ensure you’re not creating a broking edge with your lifestyle, and I can assure you that God has given you victory over your physical and spiritual enemies.

Final Thought

The biblical meaning of spider webs in dreams refers to the onslaught of the enemies in our lives while we are asleep or awake, but our loving God is merciful to show us these things through our dreams so that we can work against them.

Our lifestyle or lack of living a prayerful life can open the way for witches to steal our virtue and make us an empty drum( God forbid!). The best way to overcome any problem like this is to put on the armor of warfare and deliver yourself through the power God has given to you. Want to speak with us personally? send us a mail, we are always here to reply.