Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Soldiers In a Dream

Soldiers are humans with extra sacrificing hearts that put away their comfort to ensure we are rid of external forces that may try to threaten our sovereignty–with total obedience and training day in and day out, but what do they represent when we see them in our dreams?

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Soldiers In a Dream

The spiritual meaning of seeing soldiers in a dream symbolized protection from spiritual and physical enemies, the growth and decline of your prayer, and spiritual life, sicknesses that may plague you, sacrifice and charity, and the discovery of your life purposes.

This article will thoroughly explore the meaning of your dream regarding different sceneries and will provide an interpretation that would match the message your spirit guide intends for you to know.

Spiritual meaning of seeing soldiers in a dream


If you had a dream of being saved by a soldier, the spiritual meaning of seeing soldiers in a dream portends protection from negative forces that may want to limit the extent to which you will get in life, your joy, happiness, peace, and independence.

While, Working with, or fitting in with soldiers and being victorious shows overall protection from unfriendly friends, jealous co-workers, and even family members that are not happy with your success.

When you start having dreams about protection, it shows you are leading a life that has or will give the enemies an upper hand in your life, but your spirit guide covers for you anyways but wants you to become more careful.

Don’t share your success or secrets until it materializes, or the persons you’re telling have a role to play. Don’t drop your drinks freely thinking it will be safe, don’t trust anyone, and don’t show anyone that you don’t trust them. Live a life of a soldier and always be prepared and you will be able to avoid the snares of the unfriendly at heart.

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Your prayer life Spiritual Growth or decline

The spiritual meaning of seeing soldiers in a dream point out the need for warfare– to combat all your spiritual and physical baggage.

For the spiritual aspect, only a person who has not read and experienced will tick off spiritual importance to our waking lives. Most events that play out in our waking lives have been mapped and carved out in the spirit.

The life we lead or the way we treat people can make us susceptible to spiritual attacks and manipulation. If you don’t appreciate the efforts people make in your life or what people do for you, a dark cloud will cover you spiritually, and forces that will make people not appreciate you will crowd around you. Hence, watch the way you live.

You also need to clear your physical baggage by beginning to take responsibility for your actions and life in general. If you have kids, you need to look out for their welfare, same with your aged parents, partner, and everyone who impacts your life–you must not always be at the receiving end.


Being shot dead by a soldier in a dream also reflect a terminal illness that has been projected onto you as the spiritual meaning of seeing soldiers in the dream portends. This sickness is bound to take away your joy and happiness, but here is what you can do to prevent such from coming to pass.

Get a bottle of water, turn in four tablespoons of honey, put in some garlic, drink it, and sprinkle around the exterior of your house, but if you live in an apartment, you could sprinkle it inside your house, and while you sprinkle it, be clear that you and your household are for blessing and favor, and will not be turned into vegetables by any sickness.

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If you find yourself killing tough men that refused to die as a soldier, it shows you have overcome your current state of physical or mental illness and drawbacks. Begins to explore your world and creativity and you will see the huge success you will attain at the end, and don’t forget that nothing can hold you back from now on.

Sacrifice and charity

The spiritual meaning of seeing soldiers in a dream points to the need for you to become a more sacrificial person. You should stop being selfish and prioritize only your needs at every point in time. The more sacrifices you make, the more doors will keep opening for you, causing you to keep advancing in life.

You also need to show more compassion to people that are less privileged than you are by being charitable; this will cause a cloud of favor to form around you, and favor will keep on raining in your life.

Your life purpose

Working with or amid soldiers and having a victorious campaign shows you’re an intercessor as the spiritual meaning of soldiers in a dream foretells. An intercessor feels the burdens of other people and prays on behalf of those people to get their healing and be rid of sickness, pain, and torments.

Seeing soldiers in your dreams is also a reflection that you’re a Go-getter and you will succeed if you keep exploring your talents, you will become too rich that you will not be able to keep track of what you own.

Biblical meaning of seeing soldiers in a dream

Mathew 28:19-20 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

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The biblical meaning of seeing soldiers in a dream refers to God’s directive over your life for you to engage more in winning souls for the kingdom as heaven rejoices when a soul is won.

You should go about and speak to people about the love of God and how he is always willing to rid them of their problems and make their life better–with a purpose while filling their emptiness.

Dream about the military invasion

When you dream about a military invasion, that is against you, it shows you will face a gang up in your home or your working place, but if you could be careful enough, it can be avoided.

Dream of being chased by soldiers

The dream of being chased by soldiers represents spiritual vulnerability, you need to strengthen yourself spiritually again attacks that may seek to swallow you.

This dream also shows you’re running away from responsibilities, you don’t like to stand up to your responsibilities and fulfill them.

Final Thoughts

The Spiritual meaning of seeing soldiers in a dream talks more about our spirituality and the void that could be created if we neglect certain important things if you have dreams from time to time you could consider yourself very privileged as many people don’t dream and miss out on things they should know.

Whatever you have understood to be the meaning of your dream, take it seriously and you will see the great manifestation that will take place in your life. Do you have questions or want a personal interpretation? Feel free to use the comment box.