Biblical Meaning Of House On Fire In a Dream

Dreams are mysteries that convey and uncover information passed onto us through God about things happening in our lives or things about to happen. While sometimes, your dreams could just be a relay of your activities for the day or week by your subconscious mind.

Biblical Meaning Of House On Fire In a Dream

The biblical meaning of house on fire in a dream symbolizes a bridge in your spiritual security that will affect your physical, your loggerhead with God, failure in your endeavors, a sickness that will gulp your happiness and finances, and anger.

To interpret dreams, all symbols involved in the dream are key to getting the right meaning of your dream. You should be able to tell if the house was yours or not in that dream, the emotions felt, property lost, and every other event. This article will surely get you an answer.

Biblical Meaning Of House On Fire In a Dream

Your security cover has been removed

When you get robbed physically, everything may seem like a coincidence, but the event that just took place has been instigated spiritually and will eventually play out in different scenarios

The Biblical meaning of house on fire in a dream reveals that your spiritual cover has been broken either by an action you have purposely or mistakenly gotten engaged in, which will make you an easy target for physical harm and loss.

When you have dreams like these, you don’t need to fear, your house will not burn, and neither must you experience terrible things, you only have to review your life and retrace your steps and reconnect your fellowship with God and his holy spirit will direct you on what to do. Isaiah 54:17 says “17 no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord”

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You have been disobeying God

When you disobey God, he has many ways of correcting you, to return you to his path and will so that you experience the greater joy which he has promised. He could show you signs, send someone to speak to you, or pass his message through a dream.

The biblical meaning of house on fire in a dream(especially when the fire is caused by you) is a way for God to tell you about the consequences of not walking in his set path for you. This disobedience is most times caused by distrust in God and will hinder privileges and cause delays in your life.

I once had a friend who kept on having a series of dreams where her house kept getting burnt over her mistakes; she took the dream literally and started taking all precautionary measures to prevent any possible fire outbreaks.

But it turned out to be something else entirely; she has been getting the leading to help the homeless people around her with good, but she always brushed it aside, and recently, while Twitter was laying off staff, she was disengaged from her job; now that is the consequence for not yielding to soft warnings from God.



This dream also means you will experience failure in the not-so-distant future. Experiencing failure is not only for sinners or evil people, even Christians could experience failure as a result of not taking due diligence and expecting things to turn out right just because they go to church.

Your relationship is about to hit the rock because you have been neglecting the things that may seem so little, but is a big deal to your partner; this will cause setbacks in your relationship. If your partner is already acting cold, try and induce a space where your partner could honestly open up all they may have harbored against you.

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This failure is not only bound to your relationships your business will get shaky and may crumble entirely, review your strategy and plans, and above all, stay steadfast in prayers to reverse what so ever had been done to limit your financial success.

Failure in recognizing opportunities: the biblical meaning of house on fire in a dream depicts your inability to spot life-changing opportunities that keep presenting themselves to you. You can only visualize and think as far as you know, it’ll be best for you to expand your mind and feed it with ideas from books, the internet, and any information you could get as this will help open up your mind to opportunities. You can also ask the holy spirit to help you.

Satanic torment

You know you’re under satanic torment when you keep coming in contact with webs and you keep having strange dreams where your house is on fire, your office is on fire, or you’re trapped in small spaces.

These satanic torments will usually bring hindrance and stumbling blocks into your life, making you keep toiling and toiling for days and nights only to have nothing in the end.

This dream only opens your eyes to your current reality and confusion. Mathew 17:15 says “Lord, have mercy on my son, for he is a lunatic and is very ill; for he often falls into the fire and often into the water.” To combat the demons that are set to make your life tiring and unbearable, you need to live a life of worship and constant fellowship with God.


When you always see yourself bursting out in anger at every little thing, the biblical meaning of house on fire in a dream is a warning about the consequences of your anger or God’s anger upon your life.

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Angry is a great threat to your destiny as it directly to indirectly deprives you of positive energies which leads to negative events occurring in your life. The fire burning that house is a reflection of how your attitude has spoilt more things in your life than it will ever profit you.

Psalm 37:8″Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.”


The biblical meaning of house on fire in a dream also forewarns you about a looming sickness that will take away your joy and finances, the sickness is going to be devastating and you may almost recover from it.

This sickness will be caused by your actions, so, start paying attention to your health; eat well and limit or cut off foods and substances that could cause you serious health issues like high calories diet which could tamper with your heart function, high sugar diets which could open the doors to diabetes. Take generally good care of your health!

Final Thought

The biblical meaning of house on fire in the dream unlocks what your spirit guide or what God is trying to let you know that would save you from lots of troubles.

Many people don’t even get to dream, so when you dream you’re lucky and you should heed all your dream is letting you in about and you will prevent lots of issues that would have cost you dearly.

Do you want a more personalized interpretation? Feel free to use the comment box and we will get back to you as soon as we can.