What Does It Mean To Clean Poop In a Dream?

Dreams are portals of communication created by our spirit guide or our body. When you’re sick, you could hallucinate. When you’re so stressed, you could have a replay of the activity of the day in your dream. While most other times, your angel is trying to alert you of something happening, or about to happen.

What Does It Mean To Clean Poop In a Dream?

What Does It Mean To Clean Poop In a Dream? When you dream about cleaning poop, you are about to experience prosperity in new dimensions, there is a need for you to change the way you do things, sacrifice, wisdom, spiritual growth, and freedom from failure, shame, and reproach.

This article will aid you to unlock the hidden treasures of your dreams in accordance with contexts and other possible symbols that were present.

What Does It Mean To Clean Poop In a Dream 


Dreaming about cleaning poop is a sign that you will receive gifts from an admirer. Cleaning poop may seem disgusting, but it is a telltale sign that you have eliminated things that were covering your aura. Where poop is present, and no one dares stay around or think comfortably about taking any action, so when you clean the poop of a baby or an animal in the dream, you will receive gits.

You will also experience financial growth when you clean poop in the dream. This financial growth is going to take place unexpectedly. You could just get a raise out of the blue, or get linked with an idea that will change your financial status.

This dream also symbolizes prosperity in your relationship. If you have been on the lookout for a suitable mate that will understand and grow with you, you will find that mate. Also, if your relationship has been experiencing lots of troubles lately, there will be calm and peace soon.

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Need for you to change your character 

When you dream of cleaning poop, it symbolizes the need for you to change your character. Saucy people or rude people will get to be the least favorite in most social settings. Your spirit guide is calling on you to be more approachable as you will gain a lot from such an attitude.

This dream also tells that you’re insensitive to people’s feelings and you hurt people with your words and actions without giving a hoot. The earlier you turn a new leaf the better for you because, when you eventually want someone to be sensitive to your feeling, you will get the opposite of your desires.

You also don’t take advice, rather, you prefer to give people advice that you won’t take yourself. This attitude will only deny you the vital opportunity of amending sour areas of your life.


Dreaming about cleaning poop reflects the need to be there for people that are there for you and not have reasons or excuses when people that care need your help or assistance. you don’t need to offer any aid beyond your might, but you should be in the picture when people need you if you can.

The sacrifice foretold by this dream is also a temporal sacrifice of your comfort zone to gain a lot in the nearest future. You need to work hard on the project you have at hand or you will be having soon without distractions that may take you off course, and prevent you from benefitting the great wealth that is coming your way.


When you clean poop in a dream, you will experience a new level of wisdom that everyone will depend on you for directions and strategies to handle their businesses or to handle their relationships.

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But for this wisdom to manifest, you have to immerse yourself in books and learn to handle and manage people’s feelings. Although, these things won’t be the qualifying factor for the wisdom that is going to manifest, when the wisdom manifests, this skill and knowledge above will be helpful.

Spiritual advancement 

Dreaming of cleaning poop also symbolizes spiritual growth. When you see yourself cleaning a child’s poop in the dream, it shows spiritual submission and upliftment. You will either begin to have clearer dreams or visions that will happen just as you have seen them.

These dreams and visions will aid you to lead a better, and more careful life, and they will help you stir yourself and your loved ones away from danger as you will be able to see things before they happen.

Freedom from failure 

Dreaming about cleaning poop is a sign that stagnation in your life has come to an end. A lot of people never get to live up to their full potential as a result of stagnation. Stagnation is what will make you due for a promotion but even in 4-5 years, you still won’t be promoted.

Also, If you have been failing your exams, you will start having retentive memory if you have dreams of cleaning insect poop from your windows or anywhere. You will no longer have issues remembering things. It will help if you try and train your mind in your spare time.

This dream also hints at the fresh breeze you will experience in parenting. These things don’t just happen automatically, you have to make certain changes in how to relate with your kids, as they have so much love for you but they think you purposely wouldn’t want to understand them.

Freedom from shame and reproach 

When you dream of cleaning poop you will notice that things that brought you shame will start bringing you joy. People that looked down on you will soon gather around you to celebrate you as a new thing is about to happen in your life.

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Plans of unfriendly fried setting you up will be spoilt as there are people or persons whom you trust so much, but they don’t wish or work for good things in your life. You should also be careful about how easily you dish out your secrets and plans for your life as not everyone will be happy with you.

Cleaning baby’s poop in a dream 

Cleaning a baby’s poop in the dream signifies a cause for celebration. A very happy event that will make you jubilant will occur in your life.

Cleaning a baby’s poop also signifies the advent of prosperity in your life; you will excel beyond your imagination as this prosperity will take place in all aspects of your life: Your relationship, finances, and in all ramifications, but ensure not to stand in the way of someone else’s progress.

Cleaning an animal’s poop in a dream

Cleaning an animal’s poop in a dream portends an unexpected gift that will come your way. It also shows that you will be successful in any project you’re currently undertaking.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cleaning poop in the dream, it is usually good news except you were being forced to clean the poop in the dream. For the positive meanings of this dream to manifest, do the part that is required of you and you will see them manifesting.

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