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Thanks For Playing With My Feelings Quotes

Thanks for playing with my feelings quotes may be cryptic or easy to decipher but the aim is to convey your disdain for being toyed with.

When we fall in love, we don’t plan it most times, and depending on our personality type we are bound to keep falling for certain types of people. Love they say is sacrifice, selflessness, forgiving, and kindness.

The hurting thing about love is that it could blind you from seeing how interested the other person may have been, how much they don’t care about your feelings—as we keep forgiving them for their error and helping them to make excuses in our head why they may be hurting us the way they do.

You are not weak for falling in love or showing anyone your vulnerable side as it takes courage to show your feelings. However, you may have been unlucky to fall in love with a person who is incapable of love as a result of being damaged or lacking the courage to let go of themselves.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time to let them know how you feel about their act irrespective of how they view it. Hence, the thanks for playing with my feelings quotes

Why People Play With Other Peoples Feelings

There are multiple reasons why people will want to play with your feelings; the fact that it gives them power, they are narcists, and they may be doing it without knowing as they are incapable of understanding other people’s feelings.


When the wrong person discovers they have some sort of strength over you as a result of your vulnerability/feelings they tend to want to explain it and cause you pain. They relish the fact that you get sad and hurt for them—making them want to do you more harm which is part of the reason we compiled a list of thanks for playing with my feelings quotes.

On the other hand, the right person will help you past your fears and engineer you towards fulfillment by encouraging progress and good changes and finding a way to help you overcome your weaknesses.

Narcissistic personality disorder

This disorder could make someone have an extremely high sense of self-importance. Their feelings come first so do their opinions. The terrible thing is that this disorder can’t be cured, so if you find yourself with a person like this, you should break up with them and post your thanks for playing with my feelings quotes.

In as much as you may be tempted to help them, you should be aware that your feelings will always be second fiddle to their feelings. However, medications could help, but your feelings may never be important and that’s a terrible way to get by this short life.


A person who has given all their emotions and soul but got heartbroken will likely be incapable of loving and understanding another person’s feelings for a while or forever.

I had a friend who never cheated on his girlfriend no matter how beautiful other girls are. He makes sure to provide her with anything within his means, always caring about her emotions, and did all the nice things you can think of, by guess what? That was 3 long years of constant damage as she kept cheating on him and making him feel less of himself. All he did was post some thanks for playing with my feelings quotes and that always broke my heart.

Thanks For Playing With My Feelings Quotes

1. You can’t just keep messing with other person’s emotions because you’re not sure about your own feelings.

2. Stop playing with other people’s feelings; they aren’t game consoLe.

3. Past hurt and damage isn’t a reason to toil with someone else’s emotions.

4. Men/women respect people’s feelings while boys/babies/little girls play with people’s feelings just as they do with feeding bottles.

5. An Alpha is everything but a weakling, it takes courage to accept and handle how other people feel.

6. Leading me on, indecision, playing with my feelings… Knock it off.

7. Play music, play golf, play soccer, play anything you like but don’t play with my feelings.

8. Karma says “playing with a heart that cared for you through thick and thin means that; whenever you decide to take anyone seriousLY, they will play with your heart too”

9. No one deserved to be betrayed, and no one’s feelings deserve to be toyed with. What goes around comes around.

10. I can’t believe I let you play with my emotions. Really, I have no idea what I was thinking. Just wanted to say thanks for messing with my emotions.

11. Thanks for playing with my feeling,  made it available for you in the first place. I regret letting you into my heart.

12. You weren’t the best person out there, but I opened up to you and messed up my kind heart. Thanks for playing with my feelings.

13. Thanks for playing with my feelings, but you will no longer be able to feed off my tears.

14. Just when I want to feel sad that you played with my feelings, I become joyful that it’s all over. Thanks for playing with my feelings.

15. Hope you feel strong, hope you feel like the weak man that you are. Thanks for playing with my emotions.

16. What on earth would have made you betray the heart that loved you so much? I no longer want to have anything with you. Thanks for playing with my feelings.

17. My happiness is no longer essential to your own, I have been played… Thanks for playing with my emotions.

18. I am not angry with you, I just feel ashamed for falling for a monster like you. Thanks for playing with my feelings.

19. You’re the closes to hell that I would ever be. Thanks for playing with my feelings.

20. Two are better than one, but in your case, I am better alone. Thanks for playing with my feelings.

21. If I know what deceit is, it’s because of you. Thanks for playing with my feelings.

22. Sometimes all you need is a wake-up call from one person and all your foolishness disappears.


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